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Our sector is in a very real sense ‘on the move’ – and there is always something new to report in our business.
We aim to keep you up to date on the latest developments and trends in the sector, present the latest activities in
our organisation and draw your attention to new opportunities and services, in the form of our own ISSEL-NEWS.


2017-08-15    New trucks

In the past half year we have approved 2 new tractor units.
For our drivers we searched the best work, living and sleeping comfort. That is why we chose for Actros GigaSpace with oloStar concept.
With this tractor-units our drivers have an extremely comfortable vehicle.

In future all new tractor units will be delivered in these colors

Additionally, the Actros is equipped with state-of-the-art technology support, such as Deflection assistant
2 Actros GigaSpace
Actros SoloStar

So you can store your goods safely and monitored by us, today is our fire alarm aystem again approved in all things during the semi-annual audit by Wellmann Sicherheitstechnik, Hamminkeln. Safty first!
Checking of smoke and heat detectors
Checking of the installation

2015-01-20    Per direct we´ve weekly several shipments to Bulgaria and Greece
From Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany, you can daily announce your shipments to Bulgaria and Greece. Wether it is groupage, part loads or complete shipments; We arrange this completely for you!

Import shipments from Bulgaria and Greece to Germany and BeNeLux

Your shipments from Bulgaria and Greece to Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg you can also announce to us.

2013-04-02    New DAF-truck
Tuesday, 02-04-2013 we took a new DAF-Truck in use. This time we have opted for an XF Super Space Cab. On the roof u can recognized the coolingsystem for cooling the truck during rest breaks. This is essential for the driver in hot days.
DAF-Super Space Cab with refrigerated semi-trailer

2013-01-11    Thermally-insulated curtainsider vehicles
Below you can see the flexibility from our thermally-insulated curtainsider vehicles.

These vehicles can not only load and unload from the side, but your goods can also be cooled or heated (temperature range from -5 to +25°C).
Opening of the curtainsider
Open curtainsider
Loading and unloading through the rear doors is obviously also possible

2013-01-15    01.07.2011 The "new Isseltrans" presents itself well positioned accordingly.
Since 01-07-2011 we offers 4,500 m2 of block storage warehousing together with a huge 10,000 m2 of open storage. Some of the warehouses have got heated areas, the entire premises subject to permanent monitoring. The same applies to loading and unloading, which are covered by the latest control systems.

For loading and unloading the goods we have produced 2 docks:
2 Loadingdocks, where the driver can drive the truck up to 1,5 meters for the dock, for opening the truck. Ideal for rolling goods as CC / EC and other roll container


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