Logistics made by Isseltrans:  
     flexible, regular and solid.

In our increasingly complex world, the control, carefully-conceived planning and simplification of processes are taking on ever greater relevance. Transport and warehousing are elements of the all-encompassing labour process, into which they must be fully integrated.

Logistic services go far beyond the simple transportation of a product from A to B - and as such represent a powerful argument in favour of Isseltrans! After all, logistics demands a high degree of flexibility (something we demonstrate day in day out) ... wherever possible combined with years of experience in managing a wide range of orders ... and an open-minded attitude to new ideas and solutions.

We in fact come up with some of those innovations, ourselves. One excellent example is the handling process for empty flower roller containers (CC and EC), a key element of our operational activities. Using this system, developed by us in-house, we are now responsible for the handling of these empty roller containers, throughout Germany.

We will be pleased to develop similar innovative logistic solutions to meet your requirements!

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