Our warehouses:
            where your goods feel at home ...

The numerous facilities available to us since 2011/2012 at our new company premises specifically include the warehousing facilities. The site offers 4,500 m2 of block storage warehousing, including heated areas, together with a huge 10,000 m2 of open storage. In other words, your goods have all the space they need to spread out … except the chemical products, of course.

Our storage facilities are in fact particularly well-secured, with the entire premises subject to permanent monitoring. The new security gate and fence underline the importance we attach to the issue of goods safety. The same applies to loading and unloading, which are covered by the latest control systems. Our monitoring system delivers crystal-clear pictures from every angle. Accident and fire protection systems also meet the latest requirements … guaranteeing safety, all-round.

Furthermore, your products cannot only be stored but also further processed in our facilities. Our range of services includes

and a wide range of further commissioning activities.

In other words: our warehouse really is a ‘hive of activity’!

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