The story of a business ‘in motion’ ...


The year in which the company was founded

Isseltrans moved into the former Isselburg railway station on the Hüttenstraße. Over the years, the initially much-neglected premises were restored, renovated and brought right up to date.

1999 - 2009
A decade of steady growth, sometimes contrary to the general trend in the sector, during which activities and services were gradually but consistently expanded.

June 2010
Isseltrans crossed new boundaries: in the framework of service provision to a major customer, a warehouse with almost 3,000 m2 of storage space was rented in Elten, also on the Dutch-German border. This move further strengthened the already excellent relationships with the Netherlands.

May 2011
The former premises were no longer sufficient to meet the ever-growing demand. Isseltrans moved into the former Isselburg market halls, which at the time had stood vacant for almost nine months. One month later, a start was made on upgrading the halls. At the same time, new building activities were initiated, including the construction of loading platforms.

January 2012
In line with the celebrations for the company’s 15th anniversary, Isseltrans officially moved into its new premises, with the transfer of the administrative offices to the rebuilt market halls. Control and safety facilities were expanded, the new IT systems were put into operation and new advertising and communication tools were activated. ‘Year 1’ at the new company premises developed at a very promising pace …

Isseltrans currently employs a regular team of a dozen specialists, backed up as required by highly-motivated part-timers, temporary employees and trainees.

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